Welcome to 1IGPrint.com!

Welcome to The First Impression Group’s new website and our new blog, 1IG News. With this blog we hope to inform you, educate you, and assist you with all of your print projects. It also gives us a chance to present some the great work our customers are designing and printing with us.

So, why 1IGprint.com? Well if you’re familiar with our old website you know that it was time for an update. In addition, the abbreviated name allows for a more efficient twitter handle @1IGPrint and facebook page: facebook.com/1IGPrint.

We invite you to click around. Check out our portfolio page or explore our bios and learn about some of the people at The First Impression Group. We will continue to update our 1IG Resources tab to provide you with useful information, die-lines, and other educational white papers to help you create your next identity, direct mail campaign, or company brochure.

Print, Grow, Thrive with The First Impression Group and our new website, www.1IGprint.com!

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