1IGPrint Believes in Fulfilled Promises

We believe little things have a tendency to turn into bigger things when promises go unfulfilled.  Promises like, “I’ll email you an estimate by this afternoon.” or “We’ll be on press by next week.”  Regardless of what these small promises involve, we see time and again the impact on customers when other printers fail to deliver on their promises.

You’ve heard the phrase “over promise and under deliver”?  Of course, as a printer, we want to promise the world.  But that’s not realistic and it’s not very smart.  Why make a promise you can’t keep?

This brings us to this point:  1IGPrint recognizes that fulfilled promises are the building blocks for solid, long-term relationships.  Small or large, you must make every effort to keep them and follow through.  This commitment has fueled the success of not just The First Impression Group, but its customers as well.

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