MOKA – 1IGPrint is a Fan

Do you ever have that experience with a purchase that just makes you feel good?  I’m not talking about the product you purchased, although that is important too.  I’m talking about the interaction you had with the person or company you did business with.  The kind that makes you feel like the money you spent was worth every penny.  Perhaps it was so good, you don’t care what you spent, you just want to have that same experience again.

No, I’m not talking about us.  I’m talking about a little corner coffee shop called MOKA.  I was down in Rochester, Minnesota for my 9 and 12-year old daughter’s basketball tournaments and had the pleasure of driving through this little jewel last Saturday morning.  And again on Sunday morning.  In fact, if I lived there, I would be driving through every single day.  So would my kids if they could drive because they sell delicious hot chocolate with a little candy attached with a cute little sticker to the top of the no-spill lid.

What does this have to do with printing you ask?  Nothing.  It has to do with a great product, very reasonable pricing, incredibly genuine customer service and a memorable experience.  This is the type of experience we hope to give our customers at The First Impression Group and will continue to do so each and every time they drive thru.

By Bart Harvey, Partner


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