1IG Folio – A 1IGPrint Portfolio

Our favorite Marketing Channel?  Print of course!  We’ve all heard this catch phrase and by now, know the meaning of it.  The First Impression Group is excited to explore all marketing channels in its own effort to market themselves as well as understand what they are so they can detail how print is STILL an important part of their customer’s overall marketing strategy.

For 2013, our marketing has included a new website, video, social media, email marketing, direct mail and new print collateral.  I know it won’t come as a surprise to learn that our favorite is the launch of a new, printed, magazine called 1IG Folio. 

A few weeks ago, we mailed out our first edition of 1IG Folio, a series displaying some very unique print projects.  We are printers, after all, and believe that a brochure in your hands showing some really cool client work will help you get a better understanding of what The First Impression Group is all about.

The same can be said for your company or, if you are a designer, your client’s business.  Print is credible, it’s real, and something you can hold on to.  It’s also not quite as easy to hit the delete button or miss it on a twitter feed.  For years now, printers, their trade associations, and many graphic design and advertising agencies have been continuing to promote printing as a very effective marketing tool.  We have seen growth in company brochures and direct mail because of the results they produce in conjunction with good websites and effective use of social media.  Books and newspapers may be fading and permanently on their way to your tablet or mobile device, but printed marketing collateral will continue to help your business Thrive!



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