The allure of the more recent marketing strategies can be boiled down to one mightily important reason:  speed.  How fast can we get our message to our audience?  We need it now, how fast can you get it done?  It’s easy to type in 140 characters or pop an image on Facebook.  It’s also instantaneous.  But is it truly effective?

Printing companies that have survived to this point have improved in a number of key areas.  One of them is speed.  What used to take two to three weeks to produce can now be done in two to three days.  Vladimir Gendelman wrote a terrific article found here titled “Six Common Print Marketing Myths Debunked”.  It is a great summation of why today’s marketers MUST print and you will find that it is critical to the success of your business.  

“I understand” you say.  “But it takes forever to concept, produce and get print in front of my customer”.  Here is a tip that you can implement for your next marketing strategy session:  invite your print representatives to the meeting.  They can help direct the production of your project, point out efficiencies to take advantage of, suggest cost saving papers, provide mock-ups and other tools that will help you roll out the printed portion of your campaign or strategy faster than you can say Vladimir Gendelman.

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