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Shock and Awe main with thumbnails of others revised #1

Today’s endless marketing streams can be overwhelming. Being able to harness them and direct the right amount of resources to each is the tricky part. There is a simple and predictable stream that delivers every time. Print. It is, and always will be a proven strategy to gain market share, obtain new customers and deliver your message effectively. 85% of mail is either read or visually scanned by recipients. A study by the Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Industry Center found that 67% of respondents like getting mail about new products. When you think about the postcard that you received in the mail, what about it made you decide to visit us on the web? Was it the color or texture of the paper? The image? The white printing? The green hair? In the end it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you came here and decided to read this article. That was it’s intent.  Print, whether its a direct mail piece or a company brochure, is designed to capture your attention through visual AND physical interaction.  Digital alone can’t do that.  Print can be used to direct you to a website or digital storefront much more effectively than an email or social media post.  Why? Because emails are deleted and ignored.  Social Media posts are forgotten and missed.  Print, combined with digital marketing, provides a one-two punch elevating a campaign’s effectiveness.

Our Shock and Awe postcard that mailed today launched our direct mail, email and social media campaign designed and strategically planned to encourage our current customers and new ones to come back to print. Over the next 48 weeks, you will see seven additional postcards that display a wide variety of printing techniques and papers. More importantly, they will bring up topics about how to use printing effectively for your business. We, too, understand the advantages of digital marketing and that is why each direct mail piece will be accompanied by a new blog article, a follow up email newsletter and a focused social media campaign. When used together, print marketing and digital marketing can create the Shock and Awe you desire. Let’s Print.

PRODUCTION NOTES for “SHOCK & AWE”2 Hits of Opaque White / 2 Metallics / CMYKPAPER:  SO…SILK Cover Shocking Green 130C Super Smooth by Neenah.

If you were not included in our mail list but would like to be, or would like a sample of the Shock & Awe postcard mailed to you, please contact your account representative, email us at, or give us a call at 651-683-1125.

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