TAME the DATA SEAS – DM 2 of 8 – Let’s Print!


Is your company drowning in data? Or, are you standing on a small puddle?  Pondering this data quantity question would be a valuable exercise for your marketing team.  The fact is that there is no rule of thumb for how much data you need to accurately and successfully launch your direct mail campaign or overall marketing strategy.  However, it is an important concept to get a handle on.  Too much information can be overwhelming and thus, bog down your efforts.  Too little will produce a very inaccurate target for your goals.

For example, a non-profit organization wants to not only obtain new donors but also understand its current donors well enough so they donate regularly.  Understanding attributes such as income levels, demographics and donation history gives them the information they need to increase giving.  Many have experienced on a personal level how retailers try to hit their customers up with frequent buyer offers.  The objective is simple: understand your target market and tailor your strategy around it, taking care of your current customers and obtaining new ones with similar characteristics.  The way to get there gets a little more complicated.

The data you receive back from the results of a direct mail campaign can be invaluable and will help give you a good start. But how do you obtain it? How do you use what you’ve learned and apply it to your next campaign or overall marketing strategy?  Your printer/mailer can help.  Tools like Look-Alike reports, response tracking, track and trace from the USPS and Google Analytics.  Simply cleansing and verifying your list can produce better results.

We know this from our first mailing, Shock & Awe:  We mailed them first class on Tuesday, 8/11 and by Thursday, 8/13 exactly 908 (90.26%) had reached their destination.  By Monday, 8/17, 991 (98.51%) were delivered.  Web traffic in the five weeks after those delivered increased by 27.49% but new users were only up 8%.  This kind of data gives us useful information.  We know when to reach out to our audience because we know they received it.  We also know that we need to work on driving our new customers to our site more effectively.

Direct Mail can be a powerful component to your overall marketing strategy and we can be your life boat in helping your company to Tame the Data Seas!  Let’s Print.

PRODUCTION NOTES for “TAME the DATA SEAS:   1 Metallic / CMYK / Gloss AQ CoatingPAPER:  Eames Cover Eames White 120DTC Canvas by Neenah.

If you were not included in our mail list but would like to be, or would like a sample of the Tame the Data Seas postcard mailed to you, please contact your account representative, email us at info@1igprint.com, or give us a call at 651-683-1125.

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