#1IGLETSPRINT – DM 4 of 8 – Let’s Print!

1IG_carousel_082115_#4Print doesn’t have to boring.  It doesn’t have to be printed on white paper.  It doesn’t have to be wordy, a standard size or a stand-alone marketing channel.  It can be, however, interactive.  Not only can the printed piece be a tactile experience but the message itself can lead consumers to your website or social media pages.

The prevailing opinion on the future of print is pessimistic.  And yet, there are more paper and print options out there than ever before allowing marketer’s creative genius to take flight.  Throughout this blog, we have been championing print as a critical marketing stream to any strategy’s success.  Take the most obvious industry fighting for consumers all mighty dollar – Retail.  In order to be hip they must pour all of their marketing dollars into online advertising, amazing websites and intense social media campaigns, right?  Well, they don’t.  Retailers are printing more catalogs than ever.  This is an area of GROWTH for printing.  Why?  Because according to a recent Domtar Paper case study, every $1 spent on print catalogs produces $4 in sales.  54.4% of consumers peruse a catalog before purchasing online or in a store.

If you received our latest direct mail piece, you will find just how fun and interactive print can be.  Beyond that, you can find out how we’ve decided to convey a message by going online and receiving a FREE personalized note pad.  See?  We got you hooked!  Or print led you to our website to try something new.  Print and web in harmony.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And its definitely NOT boring.  Let’s Print.

PRODUCTION NOTES for “#1IGLETSPRINT:   CMYK / 2 sides   PAPER:  13 Pt C1S Silver Foil Kromecote Cover

If you were not included in our mail list but would like to be, or would like a sample of the #1IGLETSPRINT postcard mailed to you, please contact your account representative, email us at info@1igprint.com, or give us a call at 651-683-1125.

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