(PRETTY) PLEASE RECYCLE – DM 6 of 8 – Let’s Print!

1IG_carousel_082115_#6WHAT YOU KNOW:

Paper can be produced with 100% Post Consumer Waste (Learn more at Neenah.com)

Once used or read, paper can be recycled (65.4% of all paper consumed in the US was recovered for recycling in 2014 – chooseprint.org)


91% of trees used to make paper in the US come from privately managed forests and they plant more trees than they use every year.  So much more that growth exceeds harvest by 37%.  Learn more at chooseprint.org

Paper is one of the last truly sustainable means of marketing.  Learn more at twosidesna.org

Over 80% of recovered paper is re-used.  Learn more about the Paper Life-cycle

Let’s Print!

PRODUCTION NOTES for “(PRETTY) PLEASE RECYCLE:   3 PMS / 2 sides   PAPER:  110# White PC 100 Sundance Felt Cover by NEENAH 

If you were not included in our mail list but would like to be, or would like a sample of the Pretty Please Recycle postcard mailed to you, please contact your account representative, email us at info@1igprint.com, or give us a call at 651-683-1125.

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