SEE 2 BELIEVE – DM 7 of 8 – Let’s Print!

Digital printing has come a long way in the last 10 years.  So much so that print reps no longer have to avoid selling around the drawbacks (because there are very little) and they promote it as a legitimate, beautiful and creative way to print.  Beginning around 2001, Digital printing presented itself as a win-win solution to both printers and customers in an industry that needed it.  It delivered affordable, full color printing to buyers and another revenue stream to sellers.

Fast forward 15 years to today and you have an incredible array of digital options.  Paper stock, print media, ink colors, unique coatings and more are incorporated now more than ever in short, affordable runs that help a company’s marketing ROI.  As printers, we no longer differentiate digital printing vs. offset printing so much as we determine speed and quantity to decide how to produce it.  In many cases, such as this postcard, one cannot tell the difference between the two.  By the way, the right half on the mailing side of our #7 postcard is digitally printed.  Do you want to run 10,000 brochures to put into inventory for fulfillment but need to run 200 extra special with a show title on them?  No problem.  We’ll run the large run offset, run the short run digitally and you won’t be able to tell the difference.  Want to run a base run of postcards and then digitally imprint various images and data on mailings throughout the year?  That can now be done with seamless precision.  We felt it was something you had to SEE 2 BELIEVE.  Let’s Print!

PRODUCTION NOTES for “SEE 2 BELIEVE:   Offset CMYK + Metallic +  Digital CMYK + Dry Trap Spot Dull and Gloss Varnish / 2 sides  PAPER:  100# White Sterling Gloss Cover

Learn more about First Impression’s Wide Format Printing here.

If you were not included in our mail list but would like to be, or would like a sample of the SEE 2 BELIEVE postcard mailed to you, please contact your account representative, email us at, or give us a call at 651-683-1125.

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