SEE 2 BELIEVE – DM 7 of 8 – Let’s Print!

Digital printing has come a long way in the last 10 years.  So much so that print reps no longer have to avoid selling around the drawbacks (because there are very little) and they promote it as a legitimate, beautiful and creative … Continue reading

(PRETTY) PLEASE RECYCLE – DM 6 of 8 – Let’s Print!

WHAT YOU KNOW: Paper can be produced with 100% Post Consumer Waste (Learn more at Once used or read, paper can be recycled (65.4% of all paper consumed in the US was recovered for recycling in 2014 – … Continue reading

A WORK OF ART – DM 5 of 8 – Let’s Print!

What if we told you there was a way for your audience to physically touch and interact with your company without having to be in the same room, building or city?  What if we told you that this interaction can greatly … Continue reading

#1IGLETSPRINT – DM 4 of 8 – Let’s Print!

Print doesn’t have to boring.  It doesn’t have to be printed on white paper.  It doesn’t have to be wordy, a standard size or a stand-alone marketing channel.  It can be, however, interactive.  Not only can the printed piece be … Continue reading

PROTECT YOUR NEST – DM 3 of 8 – Let’s Print!

Is that wood?  Yes.  Digitally printed?  Yes.  Variably printed? YES!  You’ve all seen digital, variably printed direct mail before but how about on cherry veneer with white ink?  The printing possibilities that new digital technology has brought us is seemingly … Continue reading

TAME the DATA SEAS – DM 2 of 8 – Let’s Print!

Is your company drowning in data? Or, are you standing on a small puddle?  Pondering this data quantity question would be a valuable exercise for your marketing team.  The fact is that there is no rule of thumb for how … Continue reading

SHOCK & AWE – DM 1 of 8 – Let’s Print!

  Today’s endless marketing streams can be overwhelming. Being able to harness them and direct the right amount of resources to each is the tricky part. There is a simple and predictable stream that delivers every time. Print. It is, … Continue reading

Printed Holiday Cards Work!

What delivery method are you considering this year to wish your employees and/or customer’s happy holidays?  Please don’t say email or social media.  Do you want to really connect with them, make them feel important, and show some effort went … Continue reading


The allure of the more recent marketing strategies can be boiled down to one mightily important reason:  speed.  How fast can we get our message to our audience?  We need it now, how fast can you get it done?  It’s … Continue reading

1IG Folio – A 1IGPrint Portfolio

Our favorite Marketing Channel?  Print of course!  We’ve all heard this catch phrase and by now, know the meaning of it.  The First Impression Group is excited to explore all marketing channels in its own effort to market themselves as … Continue reading