Printing is Sustainable

The First Impression Group is an FSC® Certified Printer and a PIM Minnesota Great Printer. We use agri-based (organic compound) inks and our aqueous coatings are water soluble. We recycle everything from our office paper and paper waste to our steel plates, plastic shrink wrap and corrugated packaging.

For more on FSC Certification and the MN Great Printer Initiative:

These designations and processes are important to us because we believe in taking care of the environment. We take pride in being a responsible printing company and enjoy helping our clients “go green” with their communications.

For a better understanding of the environmental impact and sustainability of print, please read on:

Printing does not kill trees.  Trees are a renewable and sustainable resource and the trees used in paper production in North America come from well-managed forests and farms. Did you know that according to the American Forest and Paper Association, there are 20% MORE trees in the US today than there were the spring of 1970? As a matter of fact, print actually helps to promote forest growth.

Printing gets recycled after it has served its purpose.  According to and the EPA Office of Solid Waste, the majority of printed products now get recycled. From 1993 to 2009 that figure has grown from 38.7% to 63.4% and with more sophisticated recycling programs in neighborhoods and businesses, that figure continues to climb.

Electronic communication DOES have an impact on our environment.  According to, spam email wastes 33 billion kilowatt hours annually which is the equivalent greenhouse emissions to 3.1million cars using 2 billion gallons of gas. Every time websites are visited, emails are sent, tweets are tweeted, energy is required. Once a printed piece is produced, it can be viewed multiple times and shared without a single watt of energy used.

In our 1IGPRINT.COM/BLOG and in subsequent posts to this portion or our site, we will continue to update you on print’s environmental impact and ways that you can use print to market your own green initiative.